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REMINDER - General Election for Mayor and Council 

Advanced Poll - Saturday July 12, 2014
Election Date - Friday July 25, 2014

Ask your candidates their stand on the sewer issue keeping in mind the referendum vote of July 2012 was 901 against sewers vs 377 for sewers.  Lets be sure the majority voice is heard.

Message from Bob Haip - June 12, 2014

This is to advise our members and friends of the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association that I will no longer serve as President and have turned over the position to Ed Strauman who has been a long time member and has served on the Executive as a Member at Large.  Lynn Livesley has also decided to relinquish the role of vice president.  At this time both Lynn and I wish to acknowledge and thank our members for their support during our term in office.

As you know, this summer is an election year for Mayor and Council.  It is important that you question each candidate of his/her intention with regard to the sewer issue that is still a concern for many of our residents.  We are hopeful that the newly elected Mayor and Council will represent all village residents both permanent and seasonal.  As the Ratepayers group we would like to act not as a watch dog, but as a liason between both Council and Residents.

In closing, I would like to thank those individuals who gave so much of their time and effort during the sewer referendum.  I would also especially like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Jan for her help in keeping me organized throughout my time as President.

- Bob Haip

By-Election and Referendum Results

Local newspapers have published articles and 'Letters to the Editor' about the recent by-election and referendum.
Click here to read articles and letters in the recent edition of the Interlake Enterprise
Click here to read articles and letters in the recent edition of the Selkirk Record

On Friday July 20th, 2012 a municipal by-election occurred in Dunnottar.  Members of the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association served as scrutineers at the Friday by-election and advance poll on Saturday, July 7th.  Unofficial results of all ballots cast indicate the community has overwhelmingly opposed Mayor and Council's sewer and borrowing by-law.  We anticipate the Senior Elections Officer and Village Office will release the official results to the community soon.

 Referendum Question   Yes  No
"Do you support the installation of a low pressure
sewer system as proposed by the Village of
Dunnottar Borrowing By-Law No. 891/12"
  377   901
 29.5%  70.5%

 Lynne Guicheret 880   69% 
 Yvette Sundseth          392  31%

With the conclusion of the by-election and referendum, the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association kindly requests residents remove the red and white signs from their property.  Removal of signs will help restore community harmony and enable everyone to enjoy a well deserved summer. 

   Council has postponed the Public Hearing on the sewer borrowing by-law to Saturday, August 11, 2012 

Council Office will recognize objection letters received to date.
Council will continue to receive objection letters from residents until Saturday, August 11, 2012.  

Click here to find out what you can do today to stop the borrowing by-law

Village of Dunnottar Council is pursuing a costly borrowing by-law to fund construction of a sewer.  Council estimates design and installation of the sewer will cost
$10,205,651.  This does not include the additional 'On-Lot' costs property owners will be required to pay to connect to the sewer.

  • The Manitoba Water Services Board has pledged to contribute $2.55 million (23%)
  • Council intends to tax permanent and seasonal residents for the remaining $8.0 million ($77%)

It is fiscally irresponsible for Council to put the municipality and property owners in debt for a sewer system that:

  • provides little ecological advantage
  • lacks adequate provincial and federal government support
  • is unnecessary in a predominately seasonal community
  • facilitates development that will forever change the character and culture of the community
Property owners have an opportunity to act and stop the proposed borrowing by-law.

June 11, 2012  Clarification on the Binding Referendum


In email dated June 11, 2012 to a concerned resident, the Dunnottar Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provided clarification about the letters of objection received to date by Council and the significance of the 'binding referendum'.

Click here  to read more.




June 7, 2012 - Council Decides on Wording of Referendum Question 

  At a 'Special Meeting' on June 7, Mayor and Council determined the wording of the sewer referendum question they intend to pose to residents. Residents will have an opportunity to vote on the proposed sewer system at the Dunnottar municipal by-election this July. 

After a year of hearing concerns raised by residents, rather than ask a clear straightforward question, Mayor and Council have crafted a referendum question that will lead to confusion and questionable result.  Click here to read more.

June 2, 2012 - The Public Hearing that Never Was 

 2012-06-02-CancellationNotice_01_Thmb.jpg On May 25, 2012 Mayor and Council held a 'Special Meeting' to postpone the public hearing scheduled to occur on June 2nd. 

Approximately 150 residents arrived on June 2nd expecting to meet with Mayor and Council to discuss their concerns. 

Residents arriving were disgusted with the lack of respect for their time, effort and money spent to attend the meeting.  Click here to read more.  


May 10, 2012  Help Raise Community Awareness 


Help raise community awareness of the costly, unnecessary and environmentally unfriendly low pressure sewer system in Dunnottar by placing a sign on your property.

The Dunnottar Ratepayers Assocation is taking orders for professionally printed 24" x 16" signs. 

Show your support by placing an order today. 

Click here to access our online order form.   
Click here to order by mail.

May 9, 2012  Are You Uncertain About the Low Pressure Sewer?


Village Council is again pursuing a costly, unnecessary and environmentally unfriendly low pressure sewer system.

If you are uncertain or confused by documents and information Council has provided, we strongly encourage you to spend 25 minutes and watch our informative and objective video.

To watch the video
click here or click anywhere on the image to the left.

May 5, 2012  Borrowing By-Law and Local Improvement Numbers Provided

On Saturday, May 5, 2012 Village of Dunnottar Council held a public information session regarding Borrowing By-Law 891/12 and Local Improvement Plan 1/2012. 

At the session residents received various documents from Council.  The Dunnottar Ratepayers Association has found that some documents indicate an incorrect Borrowing By-Law number.  The discrepency was communicated to Council late Saturday afternoon.  Council dismissed the concern as an administrative clerical error.

Now that the by-law and local improvement plan numbers are known, you must include in your letter of objection to Council.  Letters with incorrect or missing by-law and municipal improvement plan numbers may be discounted by Council.  The correct Borrowing By-Law and Local Improvement Plan numbers are identified on the Village of Dunnottar document entitled:


Borrowing By-Law No. 891/12
Local Improvement Plan 1/2012
Construction of Sewer System for the Village of Dunnottar

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