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President's Update - December 2014

At the November 19, 2014 Village of Dunnottar regular council meeting Kristine Shields CAO resigned effective November 13, 2014. 
EX CAO Hired as Consultant
The Village of Dunnottar meeting minutes from September 17, 2014. 
The Village of Dunnottar has entered into a "Heritage Consultant Agreement" with Lorne Thompson to develop a Cottage Owner's Handbook.  A request has been made by The DRA as to the purpose of this publication and the cost to taxpayers.

Village of Dunnottar Minutes - August 2014
Article 15.7 - Municipal Planning Commission Appointees
Resolution # 184-14
Council appoints the following residents to the municipal planning commission as per
by-law 841-07 for the terms indicated:
George Thompson To January 2016
Cary Storey            To January 2016
Doreen Rosassen  To January 2015
David Lobban         To January 2015

It would seem that these appointments by council favor those who are in support of a sewer system for Dunnottar.  The DRA would like to see a more balanced series of appointments, including cottagers, considering the results of the July 2012 sewer referendum.

President Edward Strauman                                            
Dunnottar Ratepayers Association

Village of Dunnottar minutes from Wednesday December 17-2014.
Resolution Number 262/14  Newberry ,Campbell.

Be it Resolved that council of the Village of Dunnottar hire J. M. Thevenot for the position of Chief Administrative Officer as per the set out in the attached contract.

For: Oberding ,Campbell, Howard, Newberry, Gamble carried.
For information only J.M. Thevenot was the acting C.A.O. during the Sewer Referendum.


Message from Bob Haip - June 12, 2014

This is to advise our members and friends of the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association that I will no longer serve as President and have turned over the position to Ed Strauman who has been a long time member and has served on the Executive as a Member at Large.  Lynn Livesley has also decided to relinquish the role of vice president.  At this time both Lynn and I wish to acknowledge and thank our members for their support during our term in office.

As you know, this summer is an election year for Mayor and Council.  It is important that you question each candidate of his/her intention with regard to the sewer issue that is still a concern for many of our residents.  We are hopeful that the newly elected Mayor and Council will represent all village residents both permanent and seasonal.  As the Ratepayers group we would like to act not as a watch dog, but as a liason between both Council and Residents.

In closing, I would like to thank those individuals who gave so much of their time and effort during the sewer referendum.  I would also especially like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Jan for her help in keeping me organized throughout my time as President.

- Bob Haip

Referendum Results - July 2012

 Referendum Question   Yes  No
"Do you support the installation of a low pressure
sewer system as proposed by the Village of
Dunnottar Borrowing By-Law No. 891/12"
  377   901
 29.5%  70.5%

With the conclusion of the by-election and referendum, the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association kindly requests residents remove the red and white signs from their property.  Removal of signs will help restore community harmony and enable everyone to enjoy a well deserved summer. 



June 2, 2012 - The Public Hearing that Never Was 

 2012-06-02-CancellationNotice_01_Thmb.jpg On May 25, 2012 Mayor and Council held a 'Special Meeting' to postpone the public hearing scheduled to occur on June 2nd. 

Approximately 150 residents arrived on June 2nd expecting to meet with Mayor and Council to discuss their concerns. 

Residents arriving were disgusted with the lack of respect for their time, effort and money spent to attend the meeting.  Click here to read more.  


May 9, 2012  Are You Uncertain About the Low Pressure Sewer?


Village Council is again pursuing a costly, unnecessary and environmentally unfriendly low pressure sewer system.

If you are uncertain or confused by documents and information Council has provided, we strongly encourage you to spend 25 minutes and watch our informative and objective video.

To watch the video
click here or click anywhere on the image to the left.

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